May 2, 2006

Mindflight is Googlified (Web Site)

I've decided to enter the realm of people who use Google ads and search functions. Currently I've just put some little tidbits in the sidebar to see how things go. If this works well I may eventually replace the internal site search functions with one of the Google variety. I'm also still planning to merge the main site and blog again at some point. Having both use the same templates, and abandoning any hope that I will every do anything other than a rarely used blog with this domain.

Posted by ehunt at May 2, 2006 5:23 PM
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Hrm, Typekey seems to not be validating on this site anymore :/. Odd.

Anywho, kudos on checking out the google ads system. After a month or two, we should compare stats -- one nice thing about it is that it'll honestly give a REAL page impression count of people actually visiting the page (so it won't count bots or rss feeds, just actual visitors). Here's to hoping we both make gobs of cash (or at least enough to cover hosting fees ;P).

Posted by: Nabil at May 2, 2006 7:41 PM

I see that Typekey appears to be down in general, or at least I can't get to it. Hopefully it will come back soonish. But who knows, can't get to Sixapart, Movabletype, or LiveJournal. Maybe their data center is having an outage. Either way hopefully be fixed soonish.

Posted by: ehunt at May 2, 2006 8:51 PM